When I heard about the details of the shooting in Uvalde, I was upset. I felt lives could of been saved but it didn’t happen. Yesterday I drove down to Uvalde to pay my respects to those who lost their lives. Walking up to the school was emotional. There were flowers all over, pictures of the children and teachers, teddy bears, toys, candles and other items. I wanted to place flowers along with a stuffed animal. The kids requested I place a note inside of the flowers for them since they were unable to come. Their message had me emotional as well. As I place the items down, I imagined what if this happened at one of their schools? Looking at the school, I’m thinking they deserved a more secure school. Something has to change and NOW! There were people from all around the world there to pay their respect. There was no division based on sex, race, religious belief, or political affiliation. We all were human beings paying respect and praying for their loved ones. It was difficult to stand there, but much needed for emotional roller coasters this world has been through. Two signs that stuck out was the need for Policy and Change, and R (remember) O (our) B (beautiful) B (babies). I pray something changes, no Parent should have to bury their child and a school should be a safe haven for children. May God continue to watch over their loved ones.

Eddie Brown JR

Voice For Every Community

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